StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm [] +17 Trainer

Download StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm [] +17 Trainer

heart of the swarm trainer 3


How to use Kerrigan Level Editor:

1. Load the mission to any planet, perform any additional tasks.
2. Run Kerrigan Level Editor and choose how many additional levels you want her to get.
3. Click on the “Hack” button and complete all the basic tasks in this mission.

Trainer Hotkeys:

Numpad 0: God Mode
Numpad 1: Add 5000 Minerals
Numpad 2: Add 5000 Vespene Gas
Numpad 3: Remove Fog of War
Numpad 4: No Spells Cooldown
Numpad 5: Fast Construction/Fast Upgrades
Numpad 6: Unlimited Energy
Numpad 7: No Need for Supplies (Food)
Numpad 8: Unlock All Tech
Numpad 9: Super Damage
Numpad /: Instant Win
Numpad *: Destroy Enemy’s Resources
Numpad +: Increase Timer
Numpad -: Decrease Timer

- 999 Bombs
- 999 Lives
- Add 5 Milion Credits
- Unlock All Research